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Hire Sontex Concrete for foundation work in Abilene, TX

Do you need high-quality concrete for a new construction project in the Abilene, TX area? Schedule an appointment with Sontex Concrete. Our community has been counting on us for excellent construction work since 2011. We lay concrete foundations at commercial or residential properties. With our help, your building will rest on solid ground for years to come.

Great work starts with a stable foundation

Great work starts with a stable foundation

Hiring a reliable contractor for excavation and foundation services is the first step to a constructing a safe building that will stand the test of time. That’s why you should hire us to work on your new construction project. We offer the following services that will ensure that your structure stays safe and sound:

  • Dirt work—we do excavation work so that your construction starts on level ground.
  • Foundation work—level ground means that our strong foundation will sit safely on your construction site.
  • Concrete work—no new construction project is complete without professional concrete work.

If you’re starting a new construction project, Sontex Concrete can tackle every aspect of the foundation work. This means no juggling contractors or chasing down quotes—isn’t that easy?

Call us today to get started.